ION DirectView Iridectomy/Iridotomy Direct Imaging Slit Lamp Lens

ION DirectView Iridectomy/Iridotomy Direct Imaging Slit Lamp Lens

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Limited Quantities.

The DirectView Iridectomy/Iridotomy lens is made in the USA with All Glass construction. Provides an ideal combination of magnification and laser spot magnification for iridectomy and iridotomy procedures. Stable lens design. Image Magnification 1.57x. Laser Spot Magnification .66x.

Glass is better:

All imaging components in these condensing lens systems are made entirely from glass - even the contacting element - to ensure maximum image integrity. The glass contact element also allows for non-fluid applications, alcohol and peroxide cleaning, and long-term durability. Say goodbye to the cracking, crazing, and hazing that are typically associated with plastic optics. The glass contact element is an exclusive feature not offered by others.

Broadband AR Coating:

Our exclusive anti-reflective lens coating is specifically designed to minimize ambient reflection, delivering a pristine retinal image! This unique AR formula is optimized for use with all Argon, Diode, and YAG laser systems.

Each lens comes with a leather storage case and approved cleaning instructions.


Image Mag.: 1.6x

Laser Spot Mag.: .63x

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