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Over 2 Million Children Screened!

The best just got better... by leaps and bounds!Designed BY schools, FOR schools, EyeSpy 20/20 has revolutionized the once laborious, inaccurate, antiquated approach to identifying students with vision problems.  Appropriately, school personnel guide our efforts and, in-part due to COVID, suggested we develop a fully paperless reporting system for EyeSpy 20/20.We embraced that wonderful suggestion and ran with it... taking EyeSpy 20/20 to an entirely new level.  We are delighted to announce our upcoming, 100% web-based EyeSpy 20/20 screening platform.  Over the next few months we will be sharing exciting details about this quantum leap forward in serving schools, students and parents.  For a "preview", watch this short video!

Our product has totally changed how student vision screening is conducted and moved that work into the 21st century and away from the labor-intensive use of the 150-year-old eye chart. Prior to the pandemic, EyeSpy 20/20 was clearly more efficient and accurate than the eye chart has ever been. Today, we offer even more reasons to change to EyeSpy 20/20 because it is now web-based and completely paperless. Did you know that more than 2.5 millions students have received an EyeSpy 20/20 screening?  This program has saved districts countless hours and dollars while maximizing their students' learning readiness.  EyeSpy 20/20 is medically validated & accurate, requires virtually no training, collects data, and assesses acuity, color vision and depth perception in less than 3 minutes!Watch the video and then schedule a live demo with us.

To help in the screening of children, Good-Lite has created a supplemental kit to be used in conjunction with EyeSpy 20/20. Find it here.

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Version 7.79 of EyeSpy 20/20™ has been released. This version accommodates the recommendations from Prevent Blindness regarding the presentation of Sloan Letter, to children ages 6 years and older, provides additional optotypes for matching, and randomizes the presentation of optotypes to help prevent memorization and to help achieve more accurate visual acuity results. The use of Sloan Letter also meets vision screening guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Association of Certified Orthoptists, the American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus, and the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

In previous versions, EyeSpy 20/20 used either HOTV letters or a subset of the Sloan Letter and did NOT randomize the presentation (or order) of those optotypes at the top of the screen. The child was always presented with one of four optotypes and had to make the match from only those four optotypes at the top of the screen.

For children 6 years old and older, EyeSpy 20/20 Version 7.79 now randomly selects 4 optotypes from the 10 Sloan Letter and also randomizes the order in which those optotypes are presented at the top of the screen. From the four randomly selected optotypes, one "target" optotype is randomly selected and presented at the bottom of the screen. Subjects must first identify the target and then locate the appropriate matching optotype from those presented at the top of the screen.

For children ages 5 years and younger, EyeSpy 20/20 uses HOTV letters, which are presented in a fixed order at the top of the screen. From the HOTV optotypes, one "target" optotype is randomly selected and presented at the bottom of the screen. Children must first identify the target and then locate the appropriate matching optotype from those presented at the top of the screen.

To ensure you have the latest version of EyeSpy 20/20, connect to the internet and launch EyeSpy 20/20. The program will update itself automatically.

EyeSpy 20/20 employs a revolutionary proprietary approach to vision screening technology. Vision is assessed in a standardized, cost-effective manner while he or she "plays" a two-to-three minute video game.

EyeSpy 20/20 has been independently validated by the Storm Eye Institute from the Medical University of South Carolina for accuracy and reliability. The results of the double-blind study show EyeSpy 20/20 provides results comparable to those achieved by a certified ophthalmic technician using a "gold standard" device for assessing vision.

EyeSpy 20/20 System Features:

  • Easy-to-implement program.
  • Configurable to use HOTV, Sloan Letter, and E and C Charts Ring optotypes.
  • Automated, age-appropriate vision screening protocols, for ages 3 years old and up.
  • Professional, easy-to-read report documenting screening results in either English or Spanish.
  • Integrates with EMR and EHR Systems
  • HIPAA Compliant Data Storage
  • Results are automatically and immediately available
  • Screening history is retained in a database, enabling rescreening without record duplication as well as reports that can be reprinted at any time, individually or collectively.
  • Can be installed on an unlimited number of computers.

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Prevent Blindness America Statement

J AAPOS Validation Study

Need Help Downloading and Installing EyeSpy20/20? Check out these helpful videos:


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Click here for the AAPOS Pilot Study evaluating the use of EyeSpy video game software.

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