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Deb Thomas
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I have been buying warm compress masks for a while now to attempt to find the best one to meet my needs as a dry eye patient. I wanted one that had the right level of consistent heat, a way to add moisture and could continue being worn the rest of the night. I found it with the Good-Lite company. It is just the right level of warmth and is connected by USB, it has a shield in it that can be moistened and I can wear it all night.
Karen Kroyer
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Needed replacement remotes for our electronic eye charts. The price was the equivalent of a buy two get one free sale! They got here within a week and work beautifully. I get a gold star from my employer and Good-Lite gets five from me.
Ingryd Lorenzana
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Support staff is always very helpful!
Jennifer Burkart
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I work for a University and accidentally ordered the same item twice which was being paid by a federal grant. I contacted Ruthann and she helped me to process a return effortlessly. Thank you for the great customer service!!!
Pamela Chinchilla
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Costumer service is fast an efficient. Great variety of products. Excellent prices. Also, they care about their customers out side USA. Shipping VT equipment to Canada, makes the prices for Canadian ODs to expensive. So, GoodLite found a distributor here, with prices very accessible to us. That, has make our life so much easier. Thank you GoodLite
Marc Taub
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I am a huge fan of Good-Lite. They have great products of all shapes and sizes. Their customer service is second to none.
Marc Taub
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I am a huge fan of Good-Lite. They have great products of all shapes and sizes. Their customer service is second to none.
Babak Kamkar
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Good-Lite is the best place for me to find every diagnostic item I need for my office. From eye charts to color tests, they have it all. Plus their friendly staff makes me want to come back soon. For full disclosure they also market the pupil testing device I invented, but nonetheless I would be their customer anyway.
Alessio Facchin
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Very good (...) chart to test visual acuity. I don't know other products but their charts are the best!

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Good-Lite is committed to giving back and making a positive impact through every aspect of our business.

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    AAPOS is proud to present a fundamental screening kit designed to aid individuals involved in vision screening, such as school nurses, Lions Club members, and medical professionals specializing in pediatrics and family medicine.