Our Story

Good-Lite leads in crafting top-quality visual acuity tools.

Our Vision

Good-Lite has been an industry pillar for over 90 years, solidifying its position as a premier developer and manufacturer of an unparalleled range of visual acuity testing and screening solutions. Our legacy, built on decades of trust and expertise, inspires our commitment to innovation. We are driven to relentlessly explore novel methodologies, cutting-edge technologies, and advanced techniques.

Central to our enduring mission is championing the early detection of visual impairments, guaranteeing the highest standard of care for individuals across all life stages.

Chris Greening
President, Good-Lite

Our Story

For over 90 years Good-Lite has been synonymous with quality.

Good-Lite is the leading manufacturer of the finest line of visual acuity light boxes, eye charts, vision therapy tools, along with testing and diagnostic accessories. Our commitment to quality is only surpassed by our commitment to personal customer service. We thrive on innovation, and we are always seeking new methods, technologies, and techniques to improve how eye care Professionals practice in their fields.

An exclusive manufacturer of the gold standard.

Good-Lite stands as the sole manufacturer of the LEA Core Testing System, recognized as the gold standard for pediatric vision testing and assessment.

We are the exclusive manufacturer of the:

HRR Color Test

Diagnostic Book

LEA® Core Testing System

Envision better.

50M children

Good-Lite’s #GoodLiteGives program provides vital support to Optometry communities, schools, and non-profits, aiming to ensure access to proper eye care for all.

"Turning the vision into reality, one commitment at a time."

Eric Wadsworth

Chairman, Good-Lite