Ishihara Color Test

Ishihara Color Test

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WAIT! Did you know the Ishihara is functionally obsolete? That means while it does work, it DOES NOT test for acquired color deficiencies. We recommend the Good-Lite HRR Color Test Book, the gold standard for color screening and diagnostics. You can test for Protan, Duetan, and Tritan deficiencies, and diagnose the severity of those deficiencies. Make sure you have the best tools for your practice. Click here for more info. 


Uses numbers and tracking patterns to test for red and green deficiencies only. Available in 14, 24, or 38 plates.

Click here for the 730019 Guide.

Click here for the 730039 Guide.

Click here for the 730029 Guide.

Click here for the 730029 Scoring Grid.

Click here for the Ishihara 14 vs 24 vs 38 Plate Answer Comparison.


This product is intended for Healthcare Professionals. A doctor's note will be required for sales to the general public. Once you check out, a member of our team will email a request for the document. Any questions, email:

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