Patch Cat and Strabismouse Book

Patch Cat and Strabismouse Book

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Patch Cat and Strabismouse Book, Soft Cover This beautifully illustrated book is intended to be read by parents to their children who have been diagnosed with Amblyopia or Strabismus. In a very fun manner, it provides an accurate but understandable explanation of these conditions as well as providing encouragement for acceptance of the patching routine.

Chapters include discussion of these eye conditions and explanations by Patch Cat and Strabismouse of the importance of patching. Mr. Frog talks about his Rx glasses with one side frosted as an alternative to patching. Then they share a picnic with Mr. Ant who explains his muscle surgery and amblyopic therapy with eye drops. Finally, Mr Owl explains the use of Prisms to help with his double vision. The book ends by capturing the child’s commitment to patching with agreement to the “Patch Cat and Strabismouse Pledge”.

The Adventures of Patch Cat and Strabismouse was written by J Snow, CO who trained in Orthoptics at St Louis Children’s Hospital and currently works at Penn State Hershey Eye Center. The book is illustrated by Sheena Hisiro, a graduate of the Pratt Institute. Sheena has illustrated 11 other children’s books. The Adventures of Patch Cat and Strabismouse is a full color book with 54 pages. The size is 8.5x11 (21.6 x 28 cm).

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