Set of 4 Mini Occluders

Set of 4 Mini Occluders

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This kit includes 4 of our mini 4" (10.1 cm) occluders; 1 mini opaque occluder, 1 mini occluder with a single pinhole, 1 mini red Maddox rod, and 1 mini red filter in a storage box. The Maddox rod is set at 45 degrees from the handle to afford a simple flip to change from a horizontal line (viewed by the patient) to a vertical line. The Maddox orientation is indicated by a small notch in the outer edge of the handle.

Each occluder has a pupilometer with 8 sizes from 2mm to 9mm and a 6 cm ruler. These occluders can easily fit in a trial lens frame and can be cleaned with alcohol.

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