ESV1500 Illuminated Cabinet, Calibrated

ESV1500 Illuminated Cabinet, Calibrated

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Using advanced patented technology, this cabinet self-calibrates illumination on the chart surface for both photopic (85 cdm2) and mesopic (3 cdm2) light level testing. The LED lights provide uniform and highly calibrated illumination across the entire testing surface (Patent 5,078,486). Automatically adjusts to incoming power of 100 to 240 VAC.

The ESV1500 is controlled by an infrared wireless remote or by the button on side of the illuminated cabinet. Also contains a storage area in the back for storing charts. Optional floor stands are also available. Can be powered by an optional battery pack.

Compatible with all 9" x 14" Good-Lite charts but are not provided with this unit and must be ordered separately.

A power plug adapter may be needed for use outside the U.S.

Looking to replace your power supply? Click Here!

Dimensions: Height 14" x Width 9" x Density 3" (36cm x 23cm x 7.8cm).

Weight: 4.5 lbs.

CSA Listed.

Click here for the ESV1500 User Guide.

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