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AbleCenter® lets you enlarge everything in your meeting room or classroom using an Full HD camera and a PC. The ceiling-mounted camera relays images wirelessly to the computer. Use the camera control software to move and manipulate the image. Basic introductory support is included.

Zoom: Magnification min minus 5, zoom 32x optical, 30x digital

Resolution: 1280×720@25-30-60fps /1920×1080@25-30-60fps‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎, faster image transfer speed, better autofocus. Suitable for distance and close work as well as for OCR

The AbleCenter® includes:

  • HD Camera mounted to roof
  • Software for camera control
  • Encrypted user login
  • StartUp support to get going
  • Included module OCR with ability to store and split pre-processed text
  • Reads the OCR text in several different languages

AbleCenter® connects wirelessly to laptops, tablets, and SmartBoards.

Technical information

Weight: 4,4kg

Height: 60cm

Width: 60cm

Depth: 20cm

Number of color combinations: 3

Number of fixed positions in camera: 9

Camera position presets: 9

Working height: 500cm

Max. Magnification: 30

Free-standing document holder: Yes

Split Screen: Yes

Autofocus: Yes

Fixed camera: Yes

Camera for distance and close up work: Yes

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