LEGEND Series Slit Lamp Model YZ-5F

LEGEND Series Slit Lamp Model YZ-5F

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A Slit Lamp with precisely engineered German-imported Schott optics that reduce optical distortion, and increase clarity and depth of focus. The single joy-stick design easily controls both horizontal focus and vertical elevation. Features a tilt mechanism for ease of angled examination.

The eyepiece diopter adjusts to 10x (±8D) and 16x (±10D). Contains magnification at 10x (f18 mm), 16x (f14.5 mm), 16x (f11.25 mm), and 25.6x (f9 mm). Features Halogen light source for acute illumination.

All optical lenses are moisture-proof, mildew-proof, and anti-reflective.

Click here for the 995400 Manual.

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