EpiGlare Phoropter Glare Testing

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The EpiGlare easily tests for glare sensitivity from most phoropters. While many other methods of glare testers suffer from inconsistent light intensity and angle, the EpiGlare offers a standardized, repeatable approach to measuring and documenting glare disability with the best-corrected vision.

The EpiGlare line offers several advantages over existing solutions including:

  • Integration with most manual phoropters so tests can be performed with the best-corrected vision
  • Tests night time glare, a key complaint of cataract patients
  • 9+ hours of battery life per charge and a spare battery in every kit eliminates the need to use valuable handles and charging wells
  • Smart power level indicator ensures every test is at the right power level

The EpiGlare comes in either a single or double glare attachment set.

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