LEA NUMBERS<sup>®</sup> Runge Pocket Card

LEA NUMBERS® Runge Pocket Card

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The Runge Near Vision Card with LEA NUMBERS® features a format that is both easier and faster to use for near vision screening. Developed by an ophthalmologist, this Sloan Letter Near Cards mimics reading from left to right. The LEA NUMBERS® optotypes on the front of the card contain line sizes ranging from 20/500 to 20/16 (equivalent).

The reverse side is printed with an easy-to-follow answer key on the front side test with no memorization required. Measurements of Snellen Distance (Feet), Actual Letter Size, Jaeger, Near, LogMAR, Decimal, and Snellen Distance (Meters) are listed for each optotype. Also printed with pupilometer with sizes ranging from 2 to 9.

Each card is screen printed on styrene plastic and clear coated for durability.

Dimensions: 3.75" x 6.25" (9.5 cm x 15.9 cm).

Testing distance: 16"/40 cm.

LEA NUMBERS® Near Card Guide

Click here for a study on Runge vision cards.

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