Monocular Fixation in Binocular Field (MFBF) Matching Game

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The MFBF Matching Game (also known as Red Red Rock Game) was developed as an exercise activity for use in all aspects of Vision Therapy. The goal of this activity is to serve as a bridge from monocular to binocular activities, improving the efficiency of the patient’s use of accommodative and binocular systems. This game offers 7 levels of exercises based on the age and capability of the patient.

The MFBF  Matching Game has exercises that cover three different age ranges:

  • Symbols for children 3-5 years old
  • Numbers for children 5 years and up
  • Words for 2nd Grade, 4th Grade, and over 6th Grade (Adult).

This therapy is based on the concept called "monocular Fixation in a binocular field" (MFBF). The MFBF procedure stresses the use of one eye at a time; thus the work is "monocular." At the same time, the procedure calls for both eyes to be open, seeing at the same time; thus the work is done in a "binocular field." This is accomplished by using anaglyphic (Red/Green) material to allow the patient to use both eyes to see while only one eye can see a central target, either what is depicted on the game tile or the Matrix. Successfully matching the tile to the correct position on the Matrix then requires the patient to use both eyes and not to suppress, as the eye with the green filter would be able to see the red printing on the tile (symbols, numbers, or letters) and the eye with the red filter would be able to see the black print on the red Matrix. Each Matrix of a group has 15 openings for 15 tiles.

At first, the patient (because of suppression) may have to use the tiles with a larger font size or pull the tiles closer (symbols, numbers, or letters). When suppression has been reduced in this manner, a different set of tiles with smaller optotypes (or crowded optotype tiles) can be selected so that the central portion can now easily be seen. The use of plus/minus lenses is crucial to this activity. At first, the activity should be performed with the patient’s near RX but without any additional lenses in place. Once the procedure is established, low-powered lenses (+/- 0.50 D) should be placed in front of each eye individually. This added stress to the visual system increases the difficulty of the activity but allows greater integration of accommodation and binocularity. The lenses and filters should be switched to change the visual input throughout the activity. For example, switch the lenses, and then switch the filters. As the patient progresses, the power of the lenses should be increased symmetrically or asymmetrically, based on the individual patient’s treatment.

All words verified as appropriate for the grade level listed according to the National Education Standard, Flesch-Kincaid, for English.

This game was created by Dr. Marc B. Taub at Southern College of Optometry and Richmond Products acknowledges his inspiration and extensive guidance.

What is included:
The game includes Red Suppression Backing Sheet, Display Tray with compartments for the game components. 7 sets of tiles and 7 sets of clear plastic matching sheets, Red/Green Glasses (reversible, metal frame with spring-loaded temples), plus Instructions with a Matching pre-test and Recording Sheet.

The Red Backing Sheet is the size of Vectographs and can be mounted in a lighted viewer that accepts these such as the Good-Lite Dual Illuminated Vectograph Viewer. The tiles have a protective coating for durability.

Accessories (not included):
The MFBF Matching Game requires an illuminator such as the Good-Lite Dual Illuminated Vectograph Viewer or any other viewer that supports vectographs with approx size 5 1/2" high x 6 1/2" wide (14 cm x 16 cm).

Click here for the 705200 Guide.

Click here for the 705200 Practice Sheet.


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