BiNasal Frosted Occluder and Ruler

BiNasal Frosted Occluder and Ruler

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Bi-Nasal occlusion is used in the treatment of patients with acquired brain injuries which include traumatic brain injury (TBI) and stroke, double vision, amblyopia, esotropia, convergence excess, divergence insufficiency, and visual over-stimulation/confusion. Simply stated, it is used to reduce double vision and direct patients to use their peripheral system, helping them to locate objects and judge distances more accurately, which translates to more stable and secure ambulation for most brain-injured patients.

The Bi-Nasal Occluder, also called a Bi-Nasal Ruler, can be used to determine the degree of nasal occlusion needed to eliminate or reduce symptoms from the aforementioned conditions. The Bi-Nasal Occluder also allows for repeated measurement and more precise placement of occlusion foils or tape on spectacle lenses.

Further, the Bi-Nasal Occluder can then be used to properly cut and position the Bangerter Occlusion Foils.

Occlusion gradients from 85 mm to 30 mm are provided in 5 mm increments. This Bi-Nasal Occluder is made of frosted plastic and UV coated for durability and includes instructions.

Click here for the 688800 Guide.

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