Rotating Maddox with Compass

Rotating Maddox with Compass

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Key Features:

  • Helps determine the exact angle for the placement of Prisms
  • Maddox Rotates full 360 degrees
  • Provides Compass for exact angle determination
  • One-hand operation
  • More exact than a trial frame and Maddox lens

A Rotating Maddox for determination of the exact angle for prism placement. Suggested by an Orthoptist frustrated with inaccurate measurements using a Maddox lens in a trial frame, the Rotating Maddox is designed for use with children. The Maddox is large at 48 mm for ease of use, and the knurled ring makes rotation smooth. Can be used with any Penlights or transilluminator. Comes with a leatherette case.

Click here for the 684800 Guide.

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