City-Cardiff Preferential Looking Acuity Test Set

City-Cardiff Preferential Looking Acuity Test Set

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The City-Cardiff Acuity Test have been developed by a team of clinical vision scientists at City and Cardiff Universities to provide a rapid means of assessing infant visual acuity.

The cards make use of an established and validated assessment technique known as the "acuity card procedure" whereby an infant's innate visual tendency to fixate patterned, rather than homogenous objects in their environment, is exploited to obtain a quantitative estimate of visual acuity.

This new version is more convenient to use in that it is lighter in weight and more compact. It can be carried around easily. The flip format allows the tester to easily prepare the cards for the next test without the time.

consuming task of rearranging the cards in order and replacing them in the box. The test comes with an "A" shaped display stand allowing the tester to sit behind the unit while the child sits opposite with mom or dad.

Viewing distance should be 50cm and a table of acuity levels is supplied for this distance.

This simple-to-use test, involves presenting an infant with a series of card-mounted grating patterns differing in spatial frequency (fineness / coarseness) and observing their looking behaviour through eye movement across the card. Each grating is paired with a similarly sized, grey, "blank" pattern of the same brightness. The examiner determines whether a looking preference exists for a given grating and if it does, the infant can be presented with further cards with gratings of increasing spatial frequency until the infant's acuity limit is reached i.e. they no longer exhibit a preference for the grating.

The City-Cardiff cards offer several refinements over other similar preferential-looking based tests like the Teller or Keeler Acuity Tests: they are scaled using the logMAR approach (considered the most appropriate for visual acuity testing) and are small and lightweight facilitating their use across multiple locations.

Fun frames are included as they provide a quick method for monocular testing.

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