Hess Laser Complete Kit

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Hess Complete Test Kit is more useful in understanding full visual field and any Aniseikonic affects. Further, the Hess Test may be more simple for children to understand thus yielding more reliable results in pediatric situations compared to Lancaster Test.

The main difference between the Hess and Lancaster tests is that the Lancaster projects a line whereas the Hess pointers project a simple dot. Lancaster line generators permit determination of the orientation of the patient’s vision. Orientation is important in understanding any cyclodeviation resulting from the ocular muscle imbalance.

Hess Lasers Complete Test includes:

  • One red and one green laser for projecting a single dot of each color
  • Roll-up screen, approximately 60 inches x 60 inches (152 cm x 152 cm)
  • Specially adapted adult Red/Green Glasses
  • Pack of 50 Score Sheets and instructions
  • Head and chin rest

Since the Hess Laser roll-up screen is expensive to ship outside of North America, we recommend the fold-up Hess Screen (part number 577400) for overseas shipping.

Lancaster Hess Tech Bulletin

Click here for the Hess Screen Score Sheet


This product is intended for Healthcare Professionals. A doctor's note will be required for sales to the general public. Once you check out, a member of our team will email a request for the document. Any questions, email: orders@good-lite.com

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