EyeView Floater Visualizing Scope

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This device is used to help the patient see vitreous floaters and other conditions in their own eye. In addition, it can demonstrate spontaneous pupil margin hyphema with blood streaming across the pupil margin. Patients with cortical or posterior subcapsular opacities are fascinated to see them and realize the reason for their vision disturbance. Often these patients complain of glare from headlights or the setting sun but are able to pass an acuity test. The EyeView Visualizing Scope lets them see the reason for their compromised vision. The patient can follow the growth of such opacities and compare eye to eye so that they realize that the silhouette they see is from their own eye. Some posterior subcapsular cataracts can be even be viewed. The device creates a pinpoint of light which creates silhouettes on the retina of showing floaters, including bits of cells, protein strands, specks, granulated filaments, and other materials primarily in the vitreous humor. Some users can also see corneal and aqueous humor matter and ever tears evaporating. The EyeView Scope can also be used to monitor the cleanliness of contact lenses since debris missed in cleaning cannot often be seen.

The device is not a means of self-diagnosis and is not a substitute for an exam by an eye professional. It is an educational tool. This small handheld device utilizes a long-life LED lamp, AAA batteries, a pinhole light focuser, an off/on switch, and a strap. It measures 3-5/8" (9 cm) and 1" (24 mm) diameter.

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