Graded Near Vision Reading Book

Graded Near Vision Reading Book

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This easy-to-use near vision reading book provides appropriate reading examples for school grades Preschool through 6th which have been Grade Leveled according to Flesch-Kincaid. The Preschool section provides Preschool testing using the clinically tested LEA SYMBOLS® together with LEA NUMBERS® which provide a narrow acuity threshold. Each tap along the side of the book allows the user to quickly go to the grade to be assessed.


  • Each Grade Level has examples for 20/100, 20/80, 20/63, 20/50, 20/40, 20/32 and 20/20
  • Also provides Double-spaced examples for 2 and 3rd graders with suspected Amblyopia
  • An equal number of words for each Optotype size example on a page
  • Indicates Snellen in Feet, Snellen in Meters, Letter Size, and LogMAR for each example
  • Exercises and Tables include 20/80 and 20/40 letter 5x5 grids
  • Amsler
  • Acuity Equivalent Chart for seven different Optotype measurement nomenclatures
  • Accommodation test and Astigmatic Chart
  • English and Metric Rulers

Book has tabbed pages for ease of use and is printed on very durable styrene. Coil binding permits the least distracting method of page presentation. Dimensions are 6.25" x 6.25" (16 cm x 16 cm) exclusive of tabs and binding.

Click here for the 571100 Technical Bulletin.

LEA SYMBOLS®: The Gold Standard

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