Cardiff Pediatric Low Contrast

Cardiff Pediatric Low Contrast

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The Cardiff Low Contrast test is designed to measure contrast sensitivity in typically developing toddlers and young children, as well as in older children and adults with intellectual impairment. Test targets are pictures of the same size that decrease in contrast between light and dark bands. The contrast sensitivity is determined by the faintest bands for which the target is visible.

The test covers 12 contrast levels using 3 cards at each level (36 cards total) using the preferential looking technique. Contrast levels begin at 46% and decrease to 1%, which equates to sensitivity levels of 2.17 to 100.

Cardiff Low Contrast Charts test is conducted at a distance of 50 cm, the targets represent 1.9 cycles per degree (or 6/90, 20/300), and at a distance of 1 m the targets represent 3.8 cycles per degree (or 6/45, 20/150). At a distance of 25 cm the targets represent 1.0 cycles per degree (or 6/180, 20/600). Comes in a durable plastic case for easy storage.

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