CSV1000E Contrast Charts

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This test provides for 4 rows of sine-wave gratings. At the recommended test distance of 8 ft (2.5 meters), these gratings test the spatial frequencies of 3, 6, 12, and 18 cycles/degree.

The CSV1OOOE chart provides a full contrast sensitivity curve, which is very useful for the evaluation of ocular disease (particularly cataracts, glaucoma, optic neuritis, diabetes, and macular degeneration), contact lenses, and refractive surgery. For cataract evaluation/documentation, a functional acuity score can be obtained directly from the test scoring sheet.

Dimensions: 19.5" x 17.5" (49.53 cm x 44.45 cm).

Click here for the 500051 Adult and Child Score Sheets.

Click here for the 500051A Adult and Child Score Sheets.

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