ETDRS 2000 Series Chart 1

ETDRS 2000 Series Chart 1

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The 2000 Series ETDRS Sloan Letter vision chart 1 features proportionally spaced (geometric progression) lines; line sizes range from 10/100 to 10/5 (3/30 to 3/1.5) equivalent. Other equivalents on this chart are letter size, 20 foot, 6 meter, deimal, and LogMAR. This chart is part of the revised versions of the original ETDRS series with each line being equally difficult. You can use this chart with the ESV3000 ETDRS Clinical Trial Standardized Viewer or the ESC2000 Illuminated ETDRS Clinical Trial Cabinet.

Dimensions: 24.5" x 25.5" (62 cm x 65 cm).

Testing distance: 10 feet/3 meters.

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