COVD Pediatric Kit

COVD Pediatric Kit

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Good-Lite and the College of Optometrists in Vision Development have partnered to make this affordable pediatric starter kit that is perfect for your practice. With a total retail value of $100, you save over $50! Packed with the essentials, this kit works for both the new practitioner and the seasoned veteran.

Each COVD kit contains:

  • 1 Toucan Fixation PD Rule, a versatile tool for fixation that includes a pupilometer and inch, millimeter, and diopter measurements
  • 1 each of the Good-Lite Green and Red Fixation Cubes
  • 1 Mini-Spinning Fixation Globe, a fun spinning light globe that is excellent for holding the attention of younger children
  • 2 Assorted Finger Puppets, useful as fixation targets
  • 1 pair of Flip-Up Occluder Glasses that make vision testing fun and easy for even the most uncompliant patients. The frosted lenses allow for occlusion but also keep the eye visible for observation.
  • 1 LEA SYMBOLS® Near Vision Card for acuity testing
  • 1 LEA SYMBOLS® Translucent Response Panel
  • 1 6ft Brock String for Vision Therapy training
  • 1 Opaque Lifesaver Card used to help train divergent skills

Portions of the sales of these kits will help fund COVD Student Services Programs, such as the Tour de Optometry, Research Grants, Annual Meeting Travel Grants, and special COVD Speaker Presentations at the various colleges or schools of optometry. The kit is also perfect for fundraising functions; COVD will donate $6 from each kit sold from your fundraising event! For more information on how to participate in this fundraising opportunity, contact Good-Lite at

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LEA SYMBOLS®: The Gold Standard

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