Visual Edge Slant Board

Visual Edge Slant Board

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The Visual Edge Slant Board is designed to be lightweight, durable, transportable, multifunctional, and affordable.


  • 22·degree angle, as determined by research to enhance reading and writing for optimal learning.
  • A dry-erase and magnetic board surface for accomplishing direct "on board" tasks.
  • A paper clip at the top holds work firmly to the board.
  • A removable "book catch" at the bottom allows for ease of reading any book or for unobstructed writing.
  • Folding legs that lock in the extended position making it very stable. Also folds flat for easy compact storage.
  • Will easily fit into a 2-inch wide space.

Dimensions: 12" x 18" (30.48 cm x 45.72 cm).

Weight: Only 1.5 lbs! (.68k).

Click here for the 300700 Guide.

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