ALGERBRUSH II with Pterygium Tip

ALGERBRUSH II with Pterygium Tip

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The ALGERBRUSH II with Pterygium tips is used for the removal of pterygium and rough up the cornea following surgical removal. This allows for more cornea tissue to regrow. Burrs are offered in both medium and fine grit tips. Available as a complete kit or the one-piece Pterygium attachments.

Pterygium ALGERBRUSH II is available with the following tips:

  • 2.5mm fine grit or 3.5mm medium-grit round tip
  • 4.0mm fine grit or 5.0mm medium-grit wheel tip

Click here for the Algerbrush Cleaning Guide.

Click here for the Algerbrush and Pterygium Technical Bulletin.


This product is intended for Healthcare Professionals. A doctor's note will be required for sales to the general public. Once you check out, a member of our team will email a request for the document. Any questions, email: 

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