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These simulators are educational tools that provide an excellent way to demonstrate the impact of different types of vision loss or near and distance activities. Experience what those with low vision see each day. The Simulators in this kit allow you to try on a range of vision impairments and gain valuable understanding and insight into the daily challenges of those living with visual impairment.

Glasses are available in 7 versions with each one simulating a different visual impairment.

  • Combination Loss glasses will simulate Cytomegalovirus (CMV) Retinitis suggesting the occurrence of floaters and spotty vision loss associated with CMV Retinitis.
  • Central Field Loss Simulator suggests the type of vision loss caused by macular degeneration. The degree of loss is determined by the distance from the eyes and measured using an Amsler Grid.
  • Peripheral Loss Simulator suggests the type of visual loss caused by retinitis pigmentosa or advanced glaucoma.
  • Overall Blur Simulator suggests the type of vision impairment caused by cataracts or other conditions involving the cornea that interfere with the passage of light.
  • Hemifield/Hemianopia Simulator suggests the type of vision impairment that may result from stroke or injury to the brain.
  • Low Contrast Charts Simulator suggests the loss of detail, color, and sharpness that many older people experience with normal age-related vision changes.

Complete Set includes 1 of each of the above simulator glasses.

These Simulators should only be used by one person, and should only be used while seated.

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