Siepser Vitreous Hemorrhage Demonstrator

Siepser Vitreous Hemorrhage Demonstrator

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The Siepser Vitreous Hemorrhage Demonstrator eye model is very useful in quickly and easily explaining and demonstrating to patients the effects of vitreous hemorrhage and head position. Vitreous hemorrhaging can be a factor in the severe loss of vision or visual acuity which can be temporary or longer term. In most cases, it can be quite frightening to the patient who experiences it.

The model contains simulated, suspended "blood particles" that float in the vitreous humor. When moved or shaken, which simulates normal head movement, the particles remain suspended. At rest, the particles will settle, as blood particles will, at the lowest point in the eye. When the model is in the upright position on its base simulating a flat sleeping position the particles settle on the macula in the region of the fovea; when this occurs, vision can be seriously affected or even totally obscured. During the demonstration, the eye model can be rested on its side which simulates a more upright position the settling particles will congregate toward the bottom side of the eye, away from the macula. The model helps patients understand that keeping still and elevating their heads can improve their vision.

The demonstrator also provides the professional with the opportunity to explain and demonstrate how vitreous hemorrhaging can be the result of many conditions, such as head and/or eye trauma; diabetes; age-related macular degeneration; choroidal melanoma; Terson syndrome where branches of or the central retinal vein hemorrhage; a retinal tear or detachment; posterior vitreous detachment; Sickle Cell retinopathy, or other conditions that cause new blood vessels to form or bleed at the rear of the eye.

The model measures 2 1/4" in diameter, and stands on a firm, white base.

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