Vision Rehabilitation Training Paddles

Vision Rehabilitation Training Paddles

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These paddles are especially helpful in training a patient to use a telescope or to evaluate or train a patient in the use of eccentric viewing, but their use is certainly not limited to these applications. The paddles have targets like single numbers or “optotypes,” as one would find on a visual acuity chart. The paddles have handles that make them easy to move and reverse, changing the side that is visible to the patient.

The set consists of six paddles, a pair for each of three sizes of optotype. For each pair, one of the paddles is blank on one side. The optotypes are LEA NUMBERS® and the sizes are printed on the paddles: 200 feet (60 meters), 80 feet (24 meters), and 32 feet (9.5 meters). These distances in feet or meters represent how far away you would need to hold the paddle for a person with 20/20 (6/6) vision to be barely able to identify the optotype. The paddles change size in logMAR steps of 0.4.

$8.00 USD from the sale of each Vision Rehabilitation Training Paddles set will be given to Optometry Giving Sight, promoting good vision throughout the world. You can learn more about this most worthy organization at

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